Our Educational Webinars

Expand Your Medicare Knowledge With Our Educational Webinar Series

To better assist your clients in their transition in to Medicare, we now offer complimentary educational webinars on a number of relevant Medicare topics. 

You can request any of our educational webinars today –  our events are free and open to the public, and we currently offer three different educational Medicare topics, which include:

  • MP Group – Get To Know Us – this webinar introduces you to the scope of our services, tools and resources available to financial advisors. 
  • Medicare By The Numbers – this webinar enables you to gain a better understanding of the costs associated with Medicare, including Medicare premiums, private insurance premiums, IRMAA for Parts B and D, and established out-of-pocket expenses and penalties. 
  • Medicare Benefits and Enrollment – this webinar will increase your knowledge of Medicare benefits, enrollment periods and discuss important steps to take when turning or working past age 65.

If there is another topic on Medicare that you don’t see and would be interested in attending, we also offer educational events that can be tailored to both you and your clients.