Your Client's PATH℠ to a Successful Medicare Experience

Our PATH℠ is MP Group’s exclusive and proven process to PREPARE, APPLY, TEACH and HELP your clients to ensure a positive Medicare experience.


Whether turning 65 or working past 65, we prepare your clients for their transition to Medicare. Preparation and education starts early by discussing enrollment periods, Medicare benefits and options.


We’ll assist your clients in applying for Medicare Parts A, B, C, D and Medigap, complying with applicable enrollment periods to avoid coverage lapses and late enrollment penalties.  


We’ll teach your clients how to utilize and maximize their benefits, and what their rights and responsibilities are as a Medicare beneficiary regarding their premiums and payments.


Our service doesn’t end at enrollment.  We offer free lifetime support to your clients, including claims assistance, annual plan reviews and help with relocation and life changes.

Let us do the work for you.

MP Group eases the burden of exploring, choosing and enrolling in a Medicare insurance plan that’s right for your clients based on their unique circumstances.  Remember, there is no cost for you or your client for our services.

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